Who won last nights debate? Did Trump seal the deal?

Sunny Barkats, is a NYC-based power-lawyer who specializes in privacy issues and invests in companies that increase security on smart phones and other technology. He is a former member of the Israel Defense Forces who served as a Counter-Terrorism Adviser of Security Service. He will help us break down the legal struggle between Apple and the FBI.

We will also be talking foreign policy with Andrew L. Peek. Andrew is a professor of government at Claremont McKenna College and a former Army intelligence officer and advisor to the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. His take on which presidential candidate is best suited to deal with foreign policy issues may surprise you. He also explains why John Kerry’s Syrian Peace Deal is a Fraud.

The news story’s of the day, interesting conversation, and of course, your calls and comments. Join us 10 AM on Friday on WCRN.

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