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Political Analyst & Author John Michael Chambers – joins us to talk about his book “Trump and the Resurrection of America”. John Michael Chambers is a prolific author whose works include: Surviving Global Governance, Road Map, Your Passport to Freedom, What is a Poll Mole?, How to Detect Truth From Lies in the Age of Fake News.

A former radio talk show host, who got involved in politics after seeing Constitutional rights being stripped away. Chambers has worked with Ron Paul and the Save America Foundation and is a wealth strategist.

Horace Cooper – CO-CHAIRMAN OF THE PROJECT 21 NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD. Horace will be discussing The Virginia Governor’s  BLACKFACE/KKK PHOTO which has been blasted by black Activists.

Horace Will also speak about Project 21’s CritiCisms of the American Bar Association by Black Activists for Promoting Social Justice Over Student Achievement.

Horace is a senior fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, and a legal commentator. Horace averages over 400 talk radio appearances per year representing the National Center and Project 21, in addition to regular television appearances and interviews by the print media. Horace taught constitutional law at George Mason University in Virginia and was a senior counsel to U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

Business, Politics, & Lifestyles Saturdays 8 am on 830 WCRN

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