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Jessica M. Vaughan – Will be joining us to discuss the relationship between open borders and gang violence. How serious a problem is this?

Jesica serves as Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, DC-based research institute that examines the impact of immigration on American society and educates policymakers and opinion leaders on immigration issues.

 She has been with the Center since 1992, and her area of expertise is immigration policy and operations, covering topics such as visa programs, immigration benefits, and immigration law enforcement.

 Ms. Vaughan recently completed several major projects on immigration and crime, including a Department of Justice-funded project studying the use of immigration law enforcement in transnational gang suppression efforts..

Maria Espinoza – Will be discussing the Presidents prime time speech and his recent trip to the border. Should President Trump Declare a National Emergency?

Maria is the National Director of The Remembrance Project, which honors and remembers Americans and legal residents who have been killed by illegal aliens. 

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