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Author Eddie Dominguez joins us to discuss his book BASEBALL COP:  

A decorated detective as well as a member of an FBI task force, Dominguez shares the shocking revelations he confronted every day for six years with the DOI and nine as a resident security agent (RSA) for the Boston Red Sox. He shines a light on the inner workings of the commissioner’s office and the complicity of baseball’s bosses in dealing with the misdeeds compromising the integrity of the game.

SocialMedia Stars Diamond and Silk:

‘Dummycrats’ Starring Social Media Stars Diamond and Silk Will Debut in Movie Theaters Nationwide for a Special One-Night Event This Month. They join us to discuss there new movie and the current political climate.

Karen Straughan will explain why she feels “The War On Men Is Now The Official Slogan Of The Democratic Party”

Karen is a spokesperson for Men’s Rights Edmonton, and a contributor to AVoiceForMen.comShe is a prominent Men’s Rights Advocate who came to public attention through her infamous YouTube channel titled “GirlWritesWhat.”

  She is a mother of several children and a published writer of Erotica novels.

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