If Donald Trump Is Bad What Is Clinton?

“It took Clinton to the very end of the Democrat presidential primaries to win what was a rigged contest against a doddering old Socialist with a message of attack the rich and a government provided cradle to grave existence.”

“I’ve asked this question before, but if Donald Trump is bad, then what in heaven’s name is Hillary Clinton? If the Republican illuminati would have us believe Mr. Trump has no chance of beating Clinton, then they should explain how any of the candidates Mr. Trump dispatched planned to accomplish same.

Jeb Bush was the preemptive favorite. Marco Rubio and Ben Carson were acknowledged as formidable with Ted Cruz being viewed by many as the outsider. But the voters saw things differently and by the Indiana primary, so to did Cruz who was the last GOP candidate standing.

Donald Trump faced down all opposition, including that from the media, program hosts, and the Republican machinery. We the People made a statement that was loud, clear, and undeniable. The message was “We Want Trump.”

It took Clinton to the very end of the Democrat presidential primaries to win what was a rigged contest against a doddering old Socialist with a message of attack the rich and a government provided cradle to grave existence.

Thus when I read a recent FoxNews Latino poll claiming Hillary Clinton had opened a 46 point lead over Donald Trump with Latinos with 66 percent support, to Donald Trump’s 20 percent Latino support, I questioned its validity.

My political instincts told me the poll was fallacious and that it probably had a sampling weighted exclusively to hardcore leftist Latino Democrats such as “La Raza.” I also read a BBC News article that detailed what was claimed to be a massive Republican effort to force Donald Trump to withdraw from the race. The article claimed the Republican hierarchy was considering extraordinary measures to force Donald Trump out of the Presidential race if Republicans were to have any hope of defeating Clinton.

It seems that every poll, every news program, every article, and every so-called election reporter parrots that Donald Trump is in freefall and Clinton is assured victory. The question I have is twofold.

The first is, has anyone told the voters that Donald Trump cannot win because venue after venue Donald Trump is packing arenas, with thousands left waiting outside who were unable to get in. Clinton is having trouble filling gymnasiums. My second question is: Are the American people en masse prepared to extend four more years to Obama?

Clinton represents everything that is wrong with the country. She is the face and absolute personification of unparalleled corruption. Nearly 60 percent of the voters believed she should have been indicted for her corrupt handling and lies pursuant to her email scandal. Nearly 70 percent of voters say she is untrustworthy and dishonest. (A brand new just released NBC News Survey Poll found that as of this morning found that only 11 percent believe Clinton is “honest and trustworthy”) Are we to believe those numbers show she has the trust and confidence of voters?

Julian Assange has released more emails that clearly document Clinton providing weapons to our enemies. There are reputable reports that Clinton has promised key federal positions in exchange for large campaign donations. There are the reports of her deteriorating health, which voters are seeing with their own eyes. There are reports that the FBI is digging even deeper into her emails. There are reports that the Clinton Foundation is under investigation for what amounts to ongoing criminal activity pursuant to donations and favors for pay. There are new allegations that members of her Justice Department staff conducted personal business for the Clinton Foundation in their capacity as Justice Department employees – which is illegal.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention that there is increasing public interest pursuant to the great numbers of former Clinton associates who keep turning up dead.

I’ve been around politics the better part of four decades and while I’ve witnessed the media run around the clock talking with points aimed at defeating a candidate, but I’ve never witnessed anything like this.

The media is printing and parroting things about Donald Trump that simply are not true. And yet they are literally, not virtually, but literally ignoring the illegal activities of Clinton. They are transpicuously uninterested in exposing the Clinton corruption machine.

As I have detailed before we’ve watched Dan Rather driven from the air for knowingly promoting falsified records about President George W. Bush. We’ve witnessed CNN news chief Eason Jordan brag about CNN lying and covering up for Saddam Hussein for 10 years. We watched as NBC, et al, were caught red-handed editing 9-1-1 calls to make them fit a heinous and false narrative.

I’m hearing the same anti-Trump stories you are and more. But I am convinced without hesitation that for Clinton to be poised to defeat Donald Trump, not only would hell have to freeze over, but the American people who have suffered through Obama would have to collectively be the biggest collection of suckers since lollipops. And I do not believe that.

What I do believe is that should the Lord tarry, by the time We the People go to bed on November 8, we’ll be saying President elect Donald Trump”

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