Has the Soul of America Been Hijacked?
by Gary S. Goldman | October 03rd, 2021

Has the soul of America been taken from us? Has the spirit of freedom and honesty been stolen from our people? Despite the generation after generation of immigrants dreaming of a safe and prosperous life in America, a future secure, with principles and goals, with a strong economy and sense of value; we the people know the truth. We can feel in our souls the imbalance within.

But what happened to the principles long ago embedded into us? The principles we once believed in. What happened to our electing a leader, as a nation, undivided who will continue to work towards a perfect union, with liberty and justice for all? How do we rely on our government when the very soul of our mother land is at war? We, the people have been fighting against each other, destroying what we once knew as the land of success, the land of hopes and dreams, where technology and medical breakthroughs took place, where entrepreneurship opportunities prospered. A land where kindness and family values embedded our homes, where our rights were enshrined in the constitution. We know this land is no more. We have allowed politicians and political parties to systematically break our will and our spirit.

Unfortunately, the land we stand upon is now faced with inflation, which continues to spike and threaten our once stable economy with pricing hikes remaining in our foresight. According to Laura Barrón-López and Christopher Cadelago, Political Analysts and White House Correspondents, ‘President Joe Biden is treating the latest republican threats over the debt limit like a bluff.’ Despite Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s warning of America’s National Debt limit hitting a breaking point this month, the administration has done little to deal with the threat of the potential damage to the global economy. Yellen goes on to further her warning in a letter to top lawmakers in both Republican and Democratic parties suggesting that America will run out of cash during the month of October should Congress continue to disregard the debt limit. With the U.S. risking defaulting on bond investors, the government finds itself facing the possibility of having to decrease both Social Security and Medicare benefits along with other entitlement programs. We now have public fear of a financial crisis, when we once held the strongest and most vigorous economy in the world. The secretary continues stating in warning: ‘We have learned from past limit impasses, that waiting until the last minute to suspend or increase the debt limit can cause serious harm to business and consumer confidence

Is this really what comes to mind when you think of America? A place of economic and political instability? A place where racism has remained part of our lives?

In spite of last year’s summer of protest post the deplorable death of George Floyd and other Black Americans, the U.S. remains divided with the raging racial issue consuming our nation and dismantling our dream of equality. With racial inequality becoming such a politicized and complicated issue it continues to spread its ugliness across the nation, fanning its hateful flames across our motherland. Sitting back and accepting our current reality is unacceptable.
The media is escalating the problem minute by minute, hour by hour, continuing to affect each one of us, destroying the fabric of what this great country was built upon. A recent study by the University of Kansas shows that the media ‘can influence what people think about’, especially today when information can be spread with the click of a button disregarding its veracity, manipulating, and influencing society, and at times even controlling the way we feel emotionally. According to Global Web Index, 54% of our daily media time is online, what this means is that access to news is instantaneous regardless of the information being true or based on one’s opinion. We need to be more aware of facts, consider our sources, and not strive not to be influenced by false narratives. We need to investigate the evidence and ensure factual accuracy. Political extremes have become part of our society, made up of a divided discourse, with toxic views easily shared on various social media platforms. We, The People are losing track of how our government should operate. We are continuing to get ourselves further and further away from our ability to thrive once again.

A change is a must. We need to stand up and save this country!
We, The People are the ones, the ones who can do what’s right. With optimism, hope and truth, we can once again stand united and slowly rebuild the hijacked soul of our land.

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