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 This Weeks Guests Include:

Cody Wilson, author of Come And Take It: The Gun Printer’s Guide to Thinking Free. Cody will be discussing last week’s shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport and why he feel that ISIS was Behind the shooting. Cody will help explain why the mainstream media is unwilling to use the words Islamic Terrorist.  

 Steve Beaman – Steve is Chairman of The Society to Advance Financial Education and the author of the Path to Prosperity and The American Dream Under Fire. Steve will tell us why the left needs to “get a grip”. Beaman will discuss why he feels that Trump is the only chance that we have to save our economy and that Hollywood is being anti-American and anti-Economy with the constant berating of Trump.

 Wayne Allen Root, one of the great conservative thinkers in America will be discussing his newest book; Angry White Male – How the Donald Trump Phenomena is changing America  – And what we can all do to save the middle class. 

Gary’s Weekly Rant  – The Failures of the Obama Administration

 These topics and much more..

And Of Course your calls, comments and interesting conversation

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