“Americans Are Getting too Used to Unthinkable Tragedies! It’s Time to Change Course to Return Peace and Safety to our Communities”.

Greg Glod Senior Criminal Justice Policy Fellow for Americans for Prosperity Joins us On Business, Politics, and Lifestyles – Saturday at 8 AM on 630 AM & 99.7 FM WPRO.

We The People Segment:

  • America Has Found Itself In A Real-Life Game of Hide and Seek. Where Are All the U.S. Workers?
  • Any Institution the Left Doesn’t Control They Seek to Destroy!
  • 25% of Federal Bureaucrats at HHS Never Checked Their Computers During First Ten Months of Pandemic. Are You Surprised?
  • Biden Sends 5 Million Barrels of U.S. Oil to Europe, Asia Despite Soaring Gas Prices.                              

“Violent crime spike illustrates the need for more reform, not less”

Greg Glod is an Americans for Prosperity fellow focused on public safety and criminal justice reform.

Live stream at 997WPRO.COM, GARYONBPl.com, or find us on the TuneIn App.


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